2018 GAMEX and AIBT

 This year its the 50th GAMEX and it was allways going to be a big one, but with Eddie finally cracking the grander blue it is set to be massive. We will be having a real crack at it too, and we feel that we have the crew and the vessel to be in the mix. With our first Exmouth comp going very well, taking out champion boat Marlin and combined in the most recent comp (2017 Billfish Bonanza). We where the only boat to manage to tag Marlin in very avarage fishing conditions and hooking a Marlin Grandslam on the first day. Since then we have put in a lot of time learning even more about the Exmouth grounds, and testing new gear and techniques. Including a few overnight trips refining day and night Broadbil Sworfish fishing techniques. With a new catagory this year just for Broadbill we wanted to get a head start.

We are still looking for a crew for GAMEX and AIBT. The Australian International Billfish Tournament is a 3 day tag and release comp running 13th to the 16th of March. Gamex is WA's biggest fishing comp running 16th to the 24th of March, with 6 days and 1 night fishing. We will be fishing both comps, targeting Billfish and large Pelagis trolling lures and baits, running 10-60kg stand up. We will also spend time targeting Broadbill Swordfish during the day and night during both comps. For more info about both comps see www.egfc.com.au for more info abouts us our crew and our vessel see www.seaforcecharters.com.au

We are taking expressions of intrest from groups and individuals to fish with us. The ideal number for game fishing is 4 people but 6-8 or more is still fine just less time on the rod each.

AIBT - 3 days competition game fishing 12 hours 6am to 6pm - Whole boat $4,490 - Individuals from $750 numbers.

GAMEX - 6 days and 1 night competition game fishing 12 hours 6am to 6pm - Whole boat $11,900 - Individuals from $2000

Also possible to fish part of the comp only POA.

If you are intrested please contact us at or via our website www.seaforcecharters.com.au

You will not find better value to have a real crack at this comp, with most simmilar charters costing 20-30k+ for GAMEX.

Pricing is for fishing only, does not include food on vessel, accomodation, entry fees or memberships if required. But all can be arranged if required.


 50ft Westcoaster "Valiant" - Coral Bay - Exmouth - Gnaraloo - Botton - Game - Sport - Deep Drop - Swordfish

2017 EGFC Billfish Bonanza - Campion Team Marlin - Campion Team Combined - 8/8/5 - 4 Billfish Species        

 0429 034 540 / / www.seaforcecharters.com.au