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Hi all, this subject might have been put up before, but I don't get a lot of time to research through this site.

I'm planning on a ballooning trip soon to Wagoe to chase Pelagics and with my last attempt going not to plan due to little knowledge on the correct rigs I'd like members input as to the best rig setups from this spot. Diagrams much accepted.

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run a bimini twist

Thu, 2010-01-21 19:33

tie your bimini twist to a 80lb mono leader tie leader to swivel attatch wire to swivel attach hook to wire - blow ballon up and tie it around the leader like you would normally tie a balloon but tie around the leader and pull tight

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Thu, 2010-01-21 20:05

When trying to get your balloon out and it keeps snagging up because of the length of the trace etc get a large peppermint lolly and drill a hole in the centre with a hook/knife.Thread lackey bands through the hole,1 for the balloon and the other for the bait trace,looping each one separately so that the mint is the joining link holding the two together.

The idea is that by the time the mint dissolves allowing the traces to separate it should be out passed the reef with out the risk of snagging

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I always heard it was the

Thu, 2010-01-21 20:08

I always heard it was the powder style lifesavers because the candy ones take too long.


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Thu, 2010-01-21 20:10

For a quick release make a bigger hole

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Sliding balloon

Fri, 2010-01-22 12:33

First have your hooks on a short wire trace, enough for the teeth, then a heavy mono leader, 80/100lb, maybe 2 to 3 meters depending on water depth your fishin, what you have to retrieve the line over and the wind.

Attach this to a heavy duty swivel, not a cheap brass one. Put the main line thru a small swivel and tie on to the large swivel/trace. This will allow the small sviwel to run up an down the main line freely. Attach your balloon line to the small swivel, no longer than a meter to keep it away from your hooks. I use 15 kg line as that way the balloon does not come off when retrieving but will still burst if a good fish strikes. Use helium for your balloons. You can buy cheap party balloon kits now with a helium bottle included.

When you try to get you bait out over the reef or surf it is easy with two people. Have one person hold the bait and move 10 meters or so to the side. Start letting line out with the rod held high so the balloon can catch the wind. Allow the balloon to pull out the line until clear of the surf/reef, your friend still has hold of the bait so the line is a big 'vee' from your rod out to the balloon and back to the bait.

When the balloon is clear of the surf/reef stop the line from leaving the reel and then get your mate to heave out the bait up as high and as long as he can. The balloon will pull itself along the line dragging the bait out to sea with it. When it hits the end, at the big swivel, start letting out more line until you reach your target area. Do this slowly as to much slack in the line will see your main line caught in the waves and snagged up on the reef. Keep the rod tip high to help or use longer rods if waves are big.

When the bait first splashes down on the water and starts moving fast out to the balloon is a time when a lot of strikes happen so watch what the balloon is doing. Those close in strikes are usually sharks but have got pinkies and cobia before close in behind the reef.

I was up ballooning off the cliffs last week but sharks was all I got, all 8-10ft....bastards


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Hey thanks so much guys,

Fri, 2010-01-22 20:19

Hey thanks so much guys, some really excellent advice. Thinking of using Gardies with gang hooks and a free swimming chemically sharpened Tarpon on the end as a stinger hook, crimped to a short 80lb wire trace. Is this OK? Yep! will do a 100lb wind on leader as well.

My other post re. handheld spotlights is related to what I want to do as I've found a place south of Bunbury where you can spotlight for Gardies and catch in the right conditions.