Barracuda (130 v4)

Here’s a few picks trying to get hold of Ian’s mate. Digital gauges . Cables. brand new oil bottle.( big one) with external pump. I think it’s 2006 model . He upgraded to 175 susuki. Was on voyager .

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Thu, 2019-02-21 09:55

Done around 750 hrs according to his memory. Compression ect spot on. Paint on cover faded. it has brand new gauges ,main big oil bottle /pump cables ect. He is pretty sure bottle was about $800. Gauges where not cheap either.if you want to have a look I will pm number to you. It was on 21 footer big heavy boat with cabin .. Only done 24 to 25 knots ( under powered). Took boat out a few times wasn’t happy with speed then put 170 or 175 on it.