Diving bits and pieces.

Wife no longer dives and I have a few bits I don't need so here goes

1x medium Mares Diamanté BCD. The deflate button doesn't work though wifey just pulled the release button $60

1x Mirage size 4 (Medium) two piece 5mm wetsuit $75

1x Shark Skin (thermal layer) size 12. Like a rawhide jumper that goes under the wetsuit $40

1x Apollo 6 pocket weight belt. 1200mm $40

All this stuff was my wife's. She only dived a few times over over a few years (like 15) and it has been sitting in a bag ever since. 

In addition

1 x 3XL 1.5mm wet suit. Got it for diving for a week in Bali. Been there, done that.  $40

1 x pair of size 11 Aqua Lung booties. Bought for my brother but he didn't want the,. $10

Happy to text pics. Located in Thornlie.