e-tech motor (wanted) i think?

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Is anyone here using an e-tech (30 HP) motor on their 420 alloy fishn boat ??

If so what do you think of it ??

Would you replace it with same or change brands and why ??

Did a comparison on the e-tech tech page and figured as the 40 hp and 30 HP both max @ 6,000 revs wot, I would stick with a 30HP as is about 40 Kilo lighter than the 40 hp.
and displacement is about same width in the 30 HP and 40 hp where the 40, has much longer stroke.

Presently have an old Johnson 30 hp that I'm happy with, performance wise, but want to go way up North where would be no 'retrieval' system so need a reliable motor :(

The Johno is very noisy :(




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30HP Etec

Sun, 2019-08-11 17:14

 Got one on the small Carnarvon sea rescue plaka, not done a lot of hours but wouldn't think of anything else to replace it. Economical, starts instantly and very quiet

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 Thank you They are either

Tue, 2019-08-13 20:00

 Thank you 
They are either lovers or HATERS there is no in between with the comments or messages



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I had a 40 etec on a 440

Wed, 2019-08-14 17:01

I had a 40 etec on a 440 hornet. Hadn’t done a lot of hours when I sold it. Only sold to buy a bigger boat. I sold it to a mate who was only interested in the hull and didn’t rate the etecs. 4-5 years later of trying to kill it through lack of maintenance and rough treatment in the Kimberley’s, it is still going strong. Even he admits that it hasn’t let him down, but still says he hates it. He is four stroke convert and probably won’t be happy until he gets a 4stoke on the back.

When I owned it, it never let me down, although as I said, I didn’t have it for that long.