gamfishing gear for Sale - Reels and Lures

Clearing some gear that I just don’t use anymore. 

Tiagra 80w - I think I used it for maybe 1 day fishing gamex a few years back and maybe caught a 10kg whaler but that’s it. Still presents as near new.   Loaded with 80lb Dacron and topshotted with 80lb stren mono. Reel was bought and spooled up at Bluewater Exmouth. Chasing $600 have a 37kg tcurve bent butt if you need a rod to suit which is as new as well - $300 or $850 for Combo

Penn 16vsx and uglystik Bluewater USB-JOH1524 Rod. Spoiled with 15kg mono. Good reel for small blacks and sailfish or if you like to winch in Spaniards. Or you can respool with braid and use for deep drop. $350 or $275 just for Reel. . 


skirted lures- mix of Pakulas, blackbarts, moldcrafts and 1 joe yee Apollo. Looking for $400 for the lot. Or make an offer if there’s any particular lures in the pack you are chasing. Will seperate.  Those Joe yees go for crazy prices on Facebook pages but I can’t venbithered dealing with people on Facebook so will try selling thru here first.


Located in Bunbury but may travel to Perth next weekend. Or can post if necessary.

 Heading up north for work late next week and will be a way for a month. So if you need before gamex or March holidays you will have to be grab this week.

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PM sent

Thu, 2018-02-08 06:48

PM sent 


Big hook,

Big bait, 

BIG FISH !!!!!

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 Just woke up to a heap of

Thu, 2018-02-08 07:29

 Just woke up to a heap of PM’s which I will go thru in order. Pretty safe to say that the lures and Tiagra combo are sold though

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 Hi Antjust seeing if the

Thu, 2018-02-15 20:55

 Hi Ant

just seeing if the Penn is still available and any of the black Bart’s or Pakula’s?

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 anything still avaliabe 

Tue, 2018-03-27 13:30

 anything still avaliabe