gear for sale

cleaning out all the gear thats not getting used in the garage. 

first photo 500g R2S sea rocks $80 for the lot. all brand new never been used. 

penn rod and reel combo with multi braid (good for bottom bashing for a beginner or as a spair. mechanically works as well as the day i got it. (10-15kg i think) $50 

starlo stick squiggy spin H 6-10kg in near new condition, chasing $50 (middle of picture)

bait caster combo, black max abu reel lacks drag but fine if you dont mind using your thumb, spooled with bionic braid near on new with an abugarcia murium rod never used and actually a really nice and light hand laid graphite rod. chasing $50 (left of photo)

abugarcia combo 10-15kg i think (right of photo combo) never really been used chasing $50

3x yozuri divers (1x *new 2x used once in new condition)

1x yozuri popper (used)

1x rapala magnum (very used)

2x halco trembler (1xl *new - 1s used)

1x halco crazydeep diver (used)

2x halco rooster popper (*new xl)(medium-used)

3x gulp (*new)

1x berkly diver (*new)

1x 5m diver halco rmg

squid jig and unknown popper

chasing $70 for the lot


located in fremantle, give me some offers if you think any of the prices are unreasonable. cheers 

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 Hi mate $50 for the jigs

Fri, 2014-04-18 11:21

 Hi mate $50 for the jigs


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