Headsup Water Police IN Manurah all weekend for Crabfest!

Just a headsup for anyone contemplating a weekends crabbing at Mandurah for the crabfest, since the offshore conditions are pretty average.

Fremantle water police are in town all weekend for the crabfest, and as a deterent against water based vessel theft at nights...so if venturing out have all your nav lights working and all afety gear on board - never know who you might run into! ;o)

Remember - slow down and keep the waves friendly!


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I would be more worried if

Fri, 2006-03-10 22:32

I would be more worried if they were not down here. Its easy just obey the rules and you have no need to worry. Re boat theft flywest how bad is this in Mandurah and is it mostly boats in the canal parts or boats in the driveway?

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Best I can tell

Fri, 2006-03-10 23:11

It's both driveways and canals!

And it's not always driveways either...sometimes inside the locked shed!

Sometimes they just nic stuff from the boat, like rods etc or the OB off the back if it's small..sometimes they just take the whole boat!

Went to a job this week of a guy who's been broke into so often, he reckons he should provide parking bays out front!

Get this - they cut the locks off his shed to get in, nicked his pump off his water tank - losing 20,000 gallons of water...and took stuff from his shed.

In doing so they removed the padbolts from the inside of his shed doors!

So he couldn't lock his shed for the next week, until he sourced new padbolts to fit inside on the doors to have something to fit the padlocks too!

So all he could do - was slide the door closed!

During the week, someone comes along with a tek driver & battery drill - and very neatly removes ALL the tek screws from the centre sheet of tin on his sliding door - to gain access!

Musta taken em ages - when all they had to do - was slide the damn door open! Bet they were peed off when the got in to discover that!

So now he has to source a sheet of tin for his door (yep - took that!).

Obviously not the same crew who took everything else the week before!

You don't have to wonder too much - why everything has to be nailed down these days and why folks spend good $ on security!

I am begginning to wonder about my fellow man!