Idiots putting others in danger

was out today off mindarie, and headed out to the 3 mile for a bit of a free dive. Mate and I anchored up and placed a dive flag only to have a boat speed past at atleast 20knots no more then 15m off the back of my boat. with plenty of room between the boat and the reef we saw no reason for this speeding boat to be any closer then 50m from us. This was very frustraiting, idiots like that put divers/swimmers in danger.(when we swim to the reef we have a big orange float each trailing 10m behind us to keep us visible to boaters. after today i dont think ill be geting in the water with out the float, as there is a miniority that dont seem to care about swimmers/divers)

 The other concerning thing we witnessed was a 3.8m tinny with 10hp engine, that was occupied by two adults and two very small kids. The tinny was actually heading out just past the three mile as we where heading home. at this point the seabreeze was well and truly in and the seas became rough with big swell coming through. we tried to wave down the boat to let them no about the strong wind warning forecasted however they kept on goin out. (I will admit the kids had life jackets on) however it was very concerning to see such a small vessel with kids onboard in such rough conditions so far out. fair enough if it was two adults but personally i think to have two small kids onboard and head out in such conditions is irresponsible.

I hope that everyone stays safe and has an enjoyable festive season. keep an eye out on that forecast (even though it can be wrong, rather be safe then sorry)

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bloodyy oath

Tue, 2009-12-22 15:50


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Tue, 2009-12-22 16:00

there are plenty of meatheads out there

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Thing is...

Wed, 2009-12-23 06:22

...I know you said you were free-diving but it's worth mentioning to scuba divers that unless you have dedicated divers' insurance if one of these morons goes over the top of you it may be difficult to get compensation/income protection.

Regarding the small boat...there IS a law limiting how far out certain size vessels can venture offshore. Not entirely sure of the exact numbers but I seem to recall 3.75m limited to 4 nautical miles offshore?

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thats how it is

Wed, 2009-12-23 19:44

thats how it is nowadays people are irresponsible in boats and do not realise how quickly trouble can arise, such a capsize, motor failure


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