Land based bunbury report.

Thinking of doing this regulary for the weeks im back down here.

This is mostly for the younger guys that fish around bunbury and are looking for places and whats biting.

Heres my findings for the week!

Bunbury flood gates at the acctualy gates casting towards the bridge on a slow retrieve was producing good numbers of juvinile salmon, small skippy, chopper tailor and the occasional leather jacket and tarwhine

Bait used: White bait / Sardines
Rig used: Swivel 6lb leader small sinker ( depending on conditions) size 03 gangs

The Bunbury Estuary:
Park at the boat ramp and follow the wall down to wear the boats are moored:

Cast towards the boats and just let it sit on the bottom not to much tension on your line
Was producing good size silver bream and even a flathead and a run which im thinking may of been a soapie!

Bait: squid, white bait

Swivel 8lb Leader small sinker Single long shank size 9 hooks for squid
Swivel 8lb Leader small sinker size 03 Gangs

Bunbury cut:

At the very end next to the navigation poles was producing Baby pink snapper great fun on light gear
In the middle was producing 25 - 32cm tailor

Casting about 6 meters out for the pink snapper
Casting into the middle with a medium to high speed retrieve for the tailor or letting an unweigheted mulie float out


Bait:Squid / Mulies
Swivel 8lb Leader small sinker Single size 1 circle hooks for squid
Swivel 30lb Leader No sinker set of size 4 gang hooks (depending on mulie size)
Swivel 30lb Leader Halco twisty or similiar metal lure!

Collie river mouth of the river ( near the grand canals)

Lots of yellowfin whiting around

Go to where the big old tree is on the beach section and cast out as far as you can slowly retrieving it

Bait: Squid/ blood worms/  pipis

Swivel 6lb flurocarbon Small sinker line red tube 2 red beads size 9 longshank hook

Well hope that helps some of the younger guys and if does ill keep doing it :)


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Wed, 2010-04-14 20:38

Thanks for the info will take my young man out and try



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good post

Wed, 2010-04-14 21:34

thats a good post, good info and pretty precise for as you say, some of the younger guys getting into it.. might even have to take a drive down myself. hehe, keep up the good work

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thats some good info for

Wed, 2010-04-14 22:37

thats some good info for those that are down there or are traveling down on stuff


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Great stuff

Fri, 2010-04-16 05:53

Thanks for sharing your research.


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I fish the boat pens a fair bit

Wed, 2010-05-05 13:32

Its definately black bream, alot of people seem to call them silver bream in that waterway...


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Thanks for the info mate

Wed, 2010-04-28 17:30

Thanks for the info mate only new to fishing will give these places a go