Narva Ultima 225 combo beam with genuine Osram 35W HIDs

Clearing out my garage for an imminent relocation and found these Narva Ultima 225 combo beam spotlights.  They have genuine Osram 35W HIDs installed.


My dad had a pair of Ultima 225 HIDs installed on his ute but complained the lights were actually hurting his eyes while driving.  My brother wanted to install some spotties on his 4WD, so it was agreed that my brother would buy a pair of halogen spotties and swap out the globes and ballasts.  I actually ended up buying the lights for my brother and performed the swap, however, my brother ended up buying an LED light bar before these spotties were installed.  I've since kept them as a back-up but have never been required .


The light housings are new and unused, and come boxed with everything except the wiring harness.  The HID hardware is about 3 years old but with very few hours use.



Pick-up from Cockburn Area.




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