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 On Wednesday 8 November my partner and i launched at our usual boat ramp around 9am. Scored a free parking ticket from a friendly boatie which was a bonus. We headed out approximately 15 mile out sitting on around 15 knots on the lovely glassy day. When we arrived to a spot we decided to jig for some sambos which were successful. Shortly after we had a double hook up of sambos and of course our lines got tangled etc (im sure you know the frustration). We managed to untangle our lines and both landed our fish with big smiles and sweat. Had a yummy home made beef roll with the radio going and not a single drop of wind or annoyance in the ocean it was so relaxing. Minutes later we hear a huge splash which turned out to be a beautiful whale a few metres from our boat, came up and said hello and later on we were accompanied by dolphins. Fishing side of things started to get quite and the wind was creeping up on us so we decided to head home and troll in on the way back, we didnt catch anything on the troll but I managed to grab an awesome photo of the sunset. Even though we brought nothing home to the family for dinner, we still had an awesome day out on beautiful conditions. We also passed on that parking ticket we received earlier on to another boatie (little things can go a long way). Hope you enjoy my photos!


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Great day ..

Sat, 2017-11-11 22:33

great write up tuyet .. just goes too show its

not all about filling the esky ? And a kind gesture

can go a long way even something simple like

passing on a ticket...  like I said on travs

post your ink is awsome seen my tatt artist

at tab on Melbourne cup day ! Now can't

stop thinking about the buzz of the gun!

Probably bump into you n trav soon at

the ramp again .. cheers pirate  

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Nice write up

Sun, 2017-11-12 09:05

and agreed Tuyet, you don't have to go with the intention of filling the esky to have a great day out.

I recently did a swan river tailor session, purely catch and release (they are pretty damn small at the moment) and it was great to just pack a few basic lures, 2 light rods, and just have some good land based fun.


Also so agreed with da pirate, your tattoos look really cool in my opinion. You get most of the work done here?


Good to to see you and Travis making the most of the awesome conditions that day. 




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 yeah good write up, good

Sun, 2017-11-12 16:26

 yeah good write up, good pics.

Its my happy place also, but it doesnt always look like that for me whether work or play!


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 Beautiful day on the water

Mon, 2017-11-13 07:28

 Beautiful day on the water and great pics.  Isn't it great to have some warm weather, well, that's talking from an SA perspective, I guess you get lots of that in the north of WA.  Seems like a long time coming here.  Nothing like it though, calm sees and relaxed mind 



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Mon, 2017-11-13 13:02

 Was a great few days of weather! Much more enjoyable on days like that and not the slop haha.