Seastar hydraulic helm

I recently removed the downstairs helm to free up space as it is never used.
This helm has been inside and not exposed to the elements from day 1 - Seastar HH5273
Full transparency! -When the helm was removed there appeared to be a slight leak either from the back seal of the helm or the brass connection on the hydraulic output line, the mechanic pulled the back off to check but suggested it looked ok - he put back together with the gasket and used a gasket sealer. If it is the rear seal that is leaking, new ones are available ex Australia at ~130 delivered or ex USA for less than half that. (AU link below)

what you see in the pics is what comes with it, one of the rear mounting bolts had to be cut for removal, no shaft nut but the key is there
chasing $100
located in Claremont

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