Selling fishing gear for relocation to Melbourne.

Hi all,

I'm relocating to Melbourne in late Jan so I'm going to have quite a lot of fishing gear to sell or pass on. I'm only going to take a small amount of gear with my when I leave.

I've attached photos of some items I've got for sale at the moment. Details about each item are included.

Let me know if you'd like to come and have a look at any of this gear. It's all been well looked after and is is great condition. 



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Hi all, 

Thanks for the enquiries earlier this week. I've just responded to all who have enquired. 

At this stage, the following items have SOLD: 

  • Assassin BeachMaster 
  • Pflueger Crank
  • Saragosa 10K 
  • Fish fighting belt

So I still have all of the lures and the other items advertised. 


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