Various Light tackle PE, Jigheads, leader and accessories.

 Various light tackle items.

6 packs of decoy standard jigheads,-SOLD-.

4 Packs of decoy weedless jigheads, $25.

Varivas HG PE in PE #0.6/9.3lb $40.

Unitika Aurora PE II WH in PE #1.0/14lb $50

Line system Light game japanese fluoro leader in 4lb x 2-SOLD-

Shinsei Fluoro leader in 4lb and 6lb $10 each.

Fina jigs, these are right in between Gamakatsu round 211 and round 25 in shank length and hook gape. 6 unopened packs, $40.




Decoy Splits, a pack each of #0 and #1, $5 ea.

Owner trebles in #10 and #12 $5 ea.

Braid scissors $5

Key ring tape measure, measures to a metre $5.

Phone Lanyard, an alumininium ring that loops through your phone cover as a failsafe to stop you dropping your Phone in the drink when wading, $5.

Split ring Pincettes, these are twice the length of the Smiths so a better choice if you're eyes aren't great $10.


Pickup is NOR in Wembley, PM for more info or a contact number.

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 I've bundled a value mixed

Sat, 2017-10-21 10:49

 I've bundled a value mixed pack, includes a well rounded selection of proven hard lures and plastics, plus scent, leader, jigs, and braid scissors. Perfect for someone getting into breaming/whiting popping/light tackle angling it or needing to restock the tackle bag for summer with quality kit.

Hard lures; Luckycraft bevy vibe 40s, Jackall chubby deep 38sp, Smith panish 65DD, Megabass Dog x jr coayu, austackle Shinku, all brand new and come with their stock trebles.

Plastics; Berkley 2" Hawgs in 'watermelon', Damiki 2" F grubs in 'light cinnamon', Z man 3" Streakz jerk minnows in 'Redbone', Squidgy critters in 'grenade' (with s factor) and OSP 3" Do live shrimp in colour #W-009 (very shrimpy, my fave colour). All new/unopened.

Spools of 4lb and 6 lb quality japanese fluorocarbon leader, 4 packs of jigheads to suit and a pair of braid scissors. Packed in a small tackle tray so you'll have something to store the hard lures and jigs in. All new/unused.

Pics of the lures/leader/jigs/scissors/ (everything except the plastics) are in this and my other thread. All new/unused, would cost $220 to buy, sell for $120 the lot.

Pick up is NOR in Wembley, PM if interested.
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Hi mate is any of the thin

Fri, 2017-10-20 16:53

Hi mate is any of the thin leader still available 

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 Seaguar and Line system are

Sat, 2017-10-21 10:50

 Seaguar and Line system are all sold mike, the two spools of shinsei in 4lb and 6lb are still left, and pickup is NOR in Wembley.