Wanted to buy, Hdj100r, landcruiser turbo diesel

 Hi all,


not directly fishing related  I know but wondering whether there were any forum members looking to upgrade their factory turbo 100 series cruiser, to a 200 series in the near future? I'm looking to buy a 100 series factory turbo diesel and have the cash ready to go, just need to find the right car. Something 300,000 klms or less, not phased if it's manual or auto. If auto must be 5 speed auto (2003 model onwards). 

I thought I would ask the question on here in the first instance as most members seem to look after their gear relatively well, and I like dealing with other like minded fisho's wherever possible.

if you have, or know if someone looking to upgrade their 100 series in the not too distant future, let me know and we will see if the shoe is going to fit (so then wear it)








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