Wanted Hessian rolls not sacks

Where can you buy it .2.5 to 3m wide. Any info would be Great . For carting meat .

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Building supplies

Thu, 2018-07-12 20:39

 most building suppliers will be able to get it in its used for curing concrete. I know parchem in Belmont usually stocks it 

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I will check out

Thu, 2018-07-12 20:46

We use black plastic for curing concrete. Cheers

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 Master butchers sell cheese

Thu, 2018-07-12 21:21

 Master butchers sell cheese cloth

On a roll


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Maybe try Fremantle bag

Thu, 2018-07-12 21:53

Maybe try Fremantle bag company as they sell hessian bags. They Are also called Colquholns. Google it for their number. 


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Thu, 2018-07-12 22:22

 Bit smaller, but Bunnings do it, 1800mm I think it is.


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Fri, 2018-07-13 05:44

 farinosis mitre 10 hardware in northbridge definitely sell it. 

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Spot on

Fri, 2018-07-13 06:21

Cheers guys .plenty to go on .

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Hmmm cheese cloth

Fri, 2018-07-13 06:34

 master butchers is the place to go for that and it stretches to fit over any carcass and once use throw in the washing machine to reuse ....... Pigs ?????

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Fri, 2018-07-13 07:36

Used cheese cloth. Hessian when wet acts as cooler . Cheers Wayne. Going to try Bunnings..