Wanted - Trailer Tyre

Had a blow out today on the way home..will check a few shops tomorrow for a replacement.

Anyone else had to chase down 165R 13C or similar - Load Range "D" (94/92N 8PR) combined weight at 1.2T over dual axle.

Good second hand would be the more than enough for the travel distance it does...

Any help appreciated.

Fremantle area


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No its ok honey , I love your spare tyre!

Sun, 2019-09-08 19:28

 Got some 165 8plys from bibra tyre power recently , they were feredal , ecovans if I remember ( it was a few beers ago ) 

 cant remember excactly but around $100 or just above each fitted and balanced i think.

 Taking balancing , the old tyres had no wieghts on ali rims , which I thought strange , but according to tyre guy  , no most trailer rims and tyres are not

 balanced , so it took me a bit to convince him I wanted it done. ( couldnt hurt could it? I do tow it at 100kph sometimes) .



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Travel distance hasn't much to do with it.

Fri, 2019-09-13 20:28

 Buy someones spare that has been lying around for 10 years and it will fail. Tyres are really only good for 5 years unless you don't get into top gear getting to the ramp. They perish, deteriorate, blow. A 165/13 LT costs stuff all new, any tyre shop will have them. The fact you had a blowout doesn't make you think you need to replace both? In my experience, once one fails for no apparent reason, the other is right behind it. 

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 Only pay $99 up here for

Sat, 2019-09-14 17:24

 Only pay $99 up here for bridgestone lt tyres in that size.