WTB camper trailer

 Hi guys

looking for a camper trailer and looking to spend 5k or under.





Hiya Shane O

I may have deleted your post.

There were a couple of posts today where the info at the start of the thread was deleted for various reasons by the person who started the post with comments of either removed or please delete

We normally get rid of these so that it dousnt clog up the forum. All the comments also go once the thread start has been deleted.


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Shane I have one I am looking

Sat, 2017-12-16 21:46



I have one I am looking to offload. Not fancy but very solid and has served me well. Has a big annex as well. Happy to consider a reasonable offer, well less than $5k. 


I will post some photos under a new "Camper Trailer For Sale" post as I dont know how to post piccies in an existing post......




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