WTB factory gps unit for 2009 GXL 120 series prado

Hey guys i have a 2009 120 series GXL prado with the factory double din CD player, we want to hook up a reversing camera so I'm after the factory gps unit if anyone has one floating around?

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Hey mate, if you dont find

Thu, 2017-02-16 13:31

Hey mate, if you dont find one, check out online at Eonon on ebay for 120 series, $307 delivered (Android model or you can get windows version) included reverse camera and just go to JB HIFI and get the correct harness adapters to fit (under $20). For the maps just download IGO maps ($35) and all done. They have updated model now 5.1 version, anyway just an alternative if you cant get on. Very happy with mine

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 Cheers mate, definitely

Thu, 2017-02-16 13:42

 Cheers mate, definitely something to look into...

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 I had one of those chinese

Fri, 2017-02-17 21:20

 I had one of those chinese built units in my Hilux with IGO for on road and Ozi explorer for offroad. The software and mapping was awesome and it was great while it lasted. Igo is especially good software.

However the unit really started to die in the 3rd year. They just don't last... I paid $500 for mine too

I have a factory unit in the Cruiser now and even though the Toyota GPS software is crap and has this poxy feature where you can't use it when the  car is moving, the sound is great, the reversing camera is good and I'm sure it will go the distance. I recommend the OEM path, unless you are OK with $300 odd replacements every couple of years when they shit! The upside is you get new and more features each time you upgrade...

This is assuming you use it offroad and give it a shaking every now and again. If it's mainly on road, the chinese unit might last a bit longer...


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 Cheers for everyone's

Mon, 2017-02-27 10:25

 Cheers for everyone's suggestions, I ended up getting a unit out of a 2009 sr5 hilux... i can now hook up a flush mounted camera when I get one ($20) and I now have Bluetooth audio, cost $35 for the unit and $20 for a camera. I wasn't fussed on having a gps as I use my phone anyway and for $55 everything plug and play I'm not complaining haha


having trouble getting photos up the rite way so let me know if they are sideways...