WTB - icebox hinges, handles, latches

Hi all.


Struggling to find where I can find replacement hinges, handles, and rubber latches as shown in the attached photos.

They are for 123L fibreglass Michael Hillers Downunder iceboxes.


Any leads on who to contact (preferably Perth) would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks in advance.

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Sun, 2020-02-09 03:23

i bought similar hinges but the only have 2 holes on the top latch.

try a search for “eve kool hinge” . Look at images, there may be something that can be used.




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 This looks very similar to

Sun, 2020-02-09 06:51

 This looks very similar to my Evakool icebox that I need to fix up. My issue is finding the right rivets that can go into the fibreglass. If it helps, a well known large boating, camping and fishing chain store stocks some of the evakool latches, however not for the fibreglass iceboxes.

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Aren't they just long ally

Sun, 2020-02-09 07:22

Aren't they just long ally rivets?

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Hi bsir adn selthy. I had

Sun, 2020-02-09 11:13

Hi bsir adn selthy.


I had already seen the EvaKool ones online, and they are not a direct replacement due to the different hole pattern.

I've spent many an hour doing exactly as suggested above, trolling through google images in an attempt to find like-for-like replacements.


Hopefully someone here is able to provide a lead....

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 try Dafra ask for trifold

Mon, 2020-02-10 17:44

 try Dafra 

ask for trifold rivets or or folding rivets think  it is MGBBAA0630 

 i usually have  a few kicking around but gave last 100 to a m8

u can also plastic weld the hinge on

there is another option to put brass screw inserts in -then u just bolt ina  6 or 8mm stainless bolt

i have some of them spare


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 aerobolt is another supplier

Mon, 2020-02-10 17:45

 aerobolt is another supplier i have used

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 BUMP. I feel the thread got

Sat, 2020-02-15 16:41



I feel the thread got a bit side tracked and started talking about rivets and bolts.


While it could be an issue, it will have to be overcome once i get the replacement hinges, handles, and latches.

On step at a time folks.... :D


Soooooooo, anyone have any leads for the hinges, handles, and latches shown?