WTB sinker moulds

 Seeking sinker moulds, more interested in surf fishing profiles as opposed to bean / ball / snapper lead. 

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 Should be easy to find even

Tue, 2017-03-28 15:17

 Should be easy to find even in the shops but how about make your own out of plaster of paris. Because of Masters closing down I scored a 20kg bag of hardwall plaster for $12 or something. Normal retail is only $20. If you want a couple of kgs to play with, I can give that to you. Personally, I dont bother with star sinkers for surf as I use spoon shape. For this you only need to raid your cutlery drawer but don't use it for eating after though. Lead residues not good for your health. If you need other shapes easy enough to use plasticine or moulding clay to cast in plaster. Sure the plaster mould may not last as long but depends on shape and pour. My spoon plaster one is still being used after 20 years. The only ones that need to be remade are my lead head jigs because the mould is in 2 halves. Even so they last up to 15 - 20 if you take care in removing.



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Cheers for the ideas

Tue, 2017-03-28 20:53

Always looking at crafty alternatives for their worth, and I will try it. I been pulling down the shelves at Masters stores mate, I know how much was given for near nothing ! Thanks omnce again ! 

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Sinker Moulds

Tue, 2017-03-28 15:48

We stock a full range of sinker moulds and based on what you said maybe Spoon (up to 4oz) Star (up to 6oz) Pyramid (up to 4oz) may help?

If so feel free to PM us for more info


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