Big brown

Big brown

 After getting back from snowy mountains . Met young fella from tackle world in Fyshwick . Loves fly fishing , and does  fly fishing guides in snowy mountains.( wish I knew prior to going up there). Itching to get back there , when rivers open. I have never seen so many big trout in my life. Couldn't fish rivers ( out of season)  walking rivers and creeks ,schools of 15 to 25 trout. In all deep pools .amazing place for trout . Fantastic fishery . Freshwater fishing is  brilliant compared to salt water. Use to be good down Sth until all droughts stuffed it  in wa. Also hunters paradise . Deer , wild pigs , met a few guys who own big property's up in the mountains ( last day unfortunately ). Man what a place . Water is crystal clear perfect for sight fishing , pic of 13 lb plus brown ( guy who does fly fishing guides). A must do . I had limited time on lake I stayed at. Had no idea what or where to go . I still managed 3 big trout and few small ones. I was going to go to NZ or Tazzy next trip . Not now:):)

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Tue, 2016-08-23 01:58

 Great fish, great photo. 



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 Beautiful up there, have

Tue, 2016-08-23 06:08

 Beautiful up there, have fished that region a few times.

The reason you will see so many big ones together this time of year is because it is spawning time, thats why the rivers are closed.

When the rivers reopen, start of October, the fish are more spread out but still the fishing is great

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 Awesome looking brown! Would

Tue, 2016-08-23 07:55

 Awesome looking brown! Would love to catch one day