opened up like a paperclip

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shit the fish

Sun, 2009-04-12 12:06

jeeez the fish are big up there maybe i better get some hevier jig heads for me trip....

tight linezzzzzzzz.....  
cheers andyrew

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Sun, 2009-04-12 13:14

niiice jay... what was you chasing when ya got done? jiggin up there is awesome fun but the gettin destroyed part not so much... does make the experiance all the more memorable but and the story sound so much better after afew beers... did ya get a look at the fish by chance??? 

Cheers Poddy


Fear The Spear............! 

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Nah didn't get a look, most

Sun, 2009-04-12 13:24

Nah didn't get a look, most likely a solid Spango.