Had a crack today

Had a crack today

Squid were unreal . Just over 1.3 the best . Tailor were also good best just over 1.5 kg .only ever keep a few tailor . Fresh pretty good

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Sat, 2023-02-04 22:11

Nice cuttle on the side to hey

LJ .. cheers pirate  

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 Some nice tubes there mate 

Sat, 2023-02-04 23:00

 Some nice tubes there mate 

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Nice haul . Wouldn't be

Sun, 2023-02-05 10:17

Nice haul . Wouldn't be complaining about that . Cuttlefish would be a bonus


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Great bag

Sun, 2023-02-05 11:54

 Thinking of learning the squid game now the demersals are off. For some reason I thought they we around more about Easter and beyond. Grateful for any tips on seasons and depths to have a go.

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I was same as you

Mon, 2023-02-06 22:08

Random run . To be honest I thought I would miss demersal fishing . Plenty to do ( herring no) tailor and squid .( yes) May even give mullaway and gummy a touch up . I refuse to go kg fishing you always get to many other fish . Going back to basics , may even go back to camping yabbies / rabbits . There is always something to chase and do . Squid are easy reefsta any questions more than happy to help on pm . Great bait ,great food , unreal fun .