Ocean Pilates / Yoga

Ocean Pilates / Yoga

 Found this little guy sitting in the middle of nowhere 14 mile out from Mindarie stretching like this for ages. Our guess was that he was so sore and tired from gorging himself on a massive baitball right under him, that he had to some yoga / pilates to fit more in.


In addition to this encounter we saw a pod of whales, caught a bag limit of Dhuies and tagged half a dozen more. Got monstered by something huge and dropped it half way up to the boat. I also introduced Tapout to the joys of the scaling bag on a couple of dozen plump sandwhiting.



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Sounds like you needed to

Fri, 2011-10-14 12:34

Sounds like you needed to join him Andy after that days effort.

Cheers Pete

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Fri, 2011-10-14 14:35

Yep, sounds like they will be gorging on dhufish for a while, half your luck too.


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summer daze

Sun, 2011-10-16 10:37

nice pic of the seal.  ive often wondered whether those scaling bags really work.