Kalbarri fishing trip

Was up in kalbarri from 26/10 until the 04/11. Have been coming here since i was a kid and i love it. Winds were up at 30kms + every afternoon and made PM fishing pointless. Dropped a spanish mack off the rocks at red bluff on the second day around lunchtime which was super annoying because its the second time its happened.... oh well... maybe the 3rd one will be a winner. 

Wittecarra creek provided some big whiting and a feed of herring and some lucky fisherman caught a Cobia on the 02/11. Water level in the river was super low so i didnt bother trying to chase jacks or any bream, getting up to nanny goat would have been worth while but i was happy to sleep in instead. We decided to get in touch with Rob from Land Based Fishing Tours and he took us to some of his honeyholes to fish some surf breaks. Hes a great dude and really knows his stuff and is a pleasure to deal with. His fishing tours are very unique too. He gets you there.... but you do the work. Bait up, cast, play the fish, fillet it when you get home which i think its great. Great trip and i would do it again in a heartbeat. AM fishing, PM hunting and plenty of beer. Great, great time.



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