This is purely for the biggest species caught and measured on Fishwrecked, it will become a work-in-progress with upgrades to follow.


You must be a member of Fishwrecked to enter and have 50 posts on the forum, you can contact Adam if you feel you deserve a chance to be on the board.

You can submit entries on behalf of someone else but they must also be a member of Fishwrecked. If submitting on the behalf of another member, your user name must also be included.

Any species can be entered, at any location, by any method of catching.

2 pictures preferred with at least one picture of the species on a measuring device and one of the angler holding the species. Only one picture will be displayed - preferably of the angler with the catch.

Email pics and information to:

Information required:


Pictures to be taken as it lies naturally, pictures with throats cut will not be accepted.

Length will be taken from the tip of the head to the end of the tail. Squid and cuttlefish will be on tube length.

All shellfish will be a working progress to determin the best method.

There will be no joint leaders, you must beat the current displayed recorded lenght

When a current record is beaten, all details of the previous holder will be removed.

You can submit older pics, but you must have all the required info, you must also have at least 50 post on the site to be eligable.

Fishwrecked admin will have the final say on all matters.  


                                                    FISHWRECKED RECORD HOLDERS

SPECIES                  LENGTH         LOCATION                    BAIT/LURE              ANGLER                 DATE CAUGHT

Amberjack                82cm               South Rotto                    Bait                          Fisho-ron                4/7/2015

Baldchin Grouper       72cm               Fremantle                      Occy                         Lawndered              3/5/14

Barramundi               123cm             Lake Tinaroo                  Soft Plastic                Bunny                    25/7/2013

Bar Cheek Trout        77cm               Red Bluff                       Spear                       Milsey                     7/5/2013

Black Bream             41cm               South Yunderup              Z man                      Sammy The Salmon 23/12/2012

Black Spot Tusk Fish  72cm               Red Bluff                       Spear                       Milsey                     7/5/2013

Blue Fin Tuna            83cm               Weipa                            Lure                         Bunny                     17/10/2013

Blue Mana Crab        19cm               Swan River                     Fish Frames              Chriss Raff              21/1/2013

Break Sea Cod          54cm              Walpole                         Squid                        Fisho-ron                31/12/2013

Broad Bar Mack         106cm             Red Bluff                       Spear                       Ollie                        7/5/2013

Blue Gropper             110cm             Two Rocks                    Spear                       Jessie Greenwood     26/1/2015

Bluenose Samon        79cm               Pilbara                           Bait                          Krabman                28/8/2012

Chinaman                  86cm               Warroora                       Bait                          milsey                    20/07/2011

Chinaman L/Jacket     67cm               Ocean Reef                    Squid                       fisho-ron                 4/9/2010

6 Spine L/Jacket         51cm              FFB                                Bait                          Duges66                 16.6.2013

Cobia                        126cm             False Entrance               Ballon                       Howa Hunter           2/8/2013

Coral Trout                76cm               Exmouth                        Squid                       alfred                      2/4/2012

Coronation Trout        55cm               Ningaloo                        Scalie                       Kirky79                   6/1/2015

Dhufish                     111cm              Rockingham                   Ocky                        Goodie                    11/8/2012

Diamond Trevally       55cm               Mindarie                        Soft Plastic                Harry_Davis            15/3/2013

Eatuary Cod              108cm             Daintree                        live Bait                     Bunny                     24/10/2015

Flathead Bar Tailed     62cm              Two Rocks                     Jig                            Dicko                      12/6/2014

Flathead Blue Spot     74.5cm             Garden Island                Bait                          scottnofish              21/10/2012 

Flounder                   49cm                Two Rocks                     Plastic                       GillyL                     12/6/2014

Flying Fish                 23cm                Barrow                          Hand Caught             Bitten                     1/12/2012

Fox Fish                    38cm                Two Rocks                     Squid                       Fish 06                    27/3/2015

Golden Snapper         84cm               Daintree                         Bait                         Bunny                     2/5/2014   

Grass Sweetlip           50.5cm            Weipa                            Bait                          Bunny                    17/10/2013

Harlequin                  57cm                Walpole                         Bait                          Jorie                       6/8/2013

Herring                      32cm               Peel Inlet                       Crystal Popper          Jody                       9/11/2012

Long Nose Emporer    79cm               Port Dougless                 Bait                          Bunny                    1/9/2015

Long Tom                  88cm               Steep Point                    Soft Plastic                Jason P                  10/10/2013

Mahi Mahi                  120cm              Barrow Island                Lure                         Bitten                     13/8/2013

Mangrove Jack           50cm               Weipa                            Bait                         Bunny                     18/10/2013

Marron                      12.7cm            South West                     Bait                         Messiah                   1/2/2015

Mulloway                   130cm             Bunbury                         Bait                         wagoewanderer        28/12/2015

Nannygai                   66cm               Yallingup                        Jig                            Wind on Dave         18/8/2013

Nannygai LargeMouth  92.5cm            Port Douglas                  S.Plastic                   Nicko_Cairns            19/12/2014

Pink Snapper             101cm              Cockburn Sound             Yellow Tail                Spence                  22/9/2011

Queeny                     96cm                Kimberlies                     Soft Plastic                Vinesh87               18-7-2015

Queen Snapper          86cm                Bremer Bay                   Bait                          Big V                     12/6/2015

Rainbow Runner         112cm              Dampier                        Tuna                         Bitten                    9/11/2012

Rankin Cod               84cm                Warroora                       Bait                          Jezza                     26/4/2013

Red Emperor             74cm                Warroora                       Bait                          Ollie                       26/4/2013

Redfin Perch              43cm               Warren River                  Soft Plastic                 Spence                  1/1/2012   

Robinson Sea Bream   72cm               Exmouth                        Bait                           Jighead                  24/7/2007  

Salmon                      81cm               Bunker Bay                    Lure                         Matt Miller               5/5/2014

Samson                     159cm             Dunsborough                  Jig                             Seaquest               16/12/2012

Sargent Baker            57cm              Ocean Reef                     Squid                        Fisho-ron                2/2/2013 

Sea Sweep                 52cm              South Rotto                     Squid                        Fisho-ron                16/12/2012 

Shark (gummy)          113cm            Walpole                          Bait                           Jorie                       6/8 2013

Skippy                       56cm              Jurien Bay                      Squid                        Blake Fuller             15/6/2013

Skip Jack Tuna            70cm              Dunsborough                  Jackson Pintail           Seaquest                28/10/2012

Slatey Bream             72cm              Cairns                            Bait                           Bunny                    30/10/2013

Snook                        89cm              Mindarie                         Bait                          Body Plus               22/7/2013

Spangled Emperor       77cm             Abrohlos                         Bait                          Scottnofish             23/8/2014

Spanish Flag               37.5cm            Dampier                        Mulie                         Bitten                    19/11/2012

Spanish Mackeral        163cm             Exmouth                        Gold Red Head           Abeldog                 9/4/2011

Squid                         37.5cm            Cockburn Sound             Lure                         Merdell12               31/5/2015    

Tailor                          94cm              Horrocks                        Lure                         Buz                       6/6/2014

Threadfin SalmoN        122cm             Karratha                        Live Bait                   Webby                   22/10/2012

Trevally Golden           87cm               Port Hedland                 Soft Plastic                Dodgy                   27/10/2012

Western Rock Lobster  91.5cm            Perth Metro                   Loop                         Scotto                    27/12/2015

Western Wirra             38cm              Mindarie                        Bait                          Ralph                     6/8/2013

Wahoo                       168cm            Rotto Trench                  Lure                          Tim                        2/2/2013

Whiting King George    63cm              Mindarie                        Bait                          Body Plus               18/5/2013

Whiting Yellofin           34cm               Pt Walter                       HRT Smallfry             Ben Dericki            16/12/2012

Yellow Fin Tuna           128cm             Exmouth                        Lure                         Catch.Fish              16/12/2012

Yellow Tail Kingfish      146cm             Dunsborough                 Jig                            Seaquest                1/12/2012




Seaquest Samsom 159cm

scottnofish Flathead Blue Spot 74.5cm

Buz Tailor 94cm

Webby Threadfin Salmon 122cm

milsey Chinaman 86cm

Goodie Dhufish 111cm

Bunny Barramundi 123cm

photo to follow


Bunny Golden Snapper 84cm

Dodgy Golden Trevally 87cm

Sammy The Salmon Black Bream 41cm

alfred Coral Trout 76cm

Scottnofish Spangled Emperor 77cm

Bitten Mahi Mahi 120cm

Big V Queen Snapper 86cm

fisho-ron Chinaman Leather Jacket 67cm

Body Plus K/G Whiting 63cm

Spence Pink Snapper 101cm

Spence Redfin Perch 43cm

Catch.Fish Yellowfin Tuna 128cm

Bitten Rainbow Runner 112cm

Jody Herring 32cm

Bitten Spanish Flag 37.5cm

Bunny Mangrove Jack 50cm

Body Plus Snook 89cm

Jighead Robinson Sea Bream 72cm

Vinesh87 Queeny 96cm

Krabman Bluenose Samon 79cm

Fisho-ron Breaksea cod 54cm

Merdell12 Squid 37.5cm

Seaquest Skip Jack Tuna 70cm

Dicko Bar Tail Flathead 62cm

Fisho-ron Sargent Baker 57cm

Seaquest Yellow Tail Kingfish 146cm

Bitten Flying Fish 23cm

Abeldog Spanish Mackeral 163cm

Fisho -ron Sea Sweep 52cm

Jessie Greenwood Blue Gropper 110cm

Ben Dericki Yellofin Whiting 34cm

Scotto Western Rock Lobster 91.5cm

pic to follow


Lawndered 72cm Baldchin

Milsey 72cm Black Spot Tusk Fish

Gilly Flounder 49cm

Chris Raff Blue Mana Crab 19cm carapace

Blake Fuller 55cm Skippy

Howa Hunter 126cm Cobia

Harry_Davis Diamond Trevally 52cm

wagoewanderer 130cm Mulloway

pic to follow

Dugles66 6 Spine Leather Jacket 51cm


Jorie 57cm Harlequin

Wind on Dave 66cm Nannyguy

Jorie Shark (gummy) 113cm

Ralph Western Wirrah 38cm

Bunny 79cm Long Nose Emporer (photo to follow soon)


Nicko_Cairns Large Mouth Nanyguy 92.5cm

Jason P 88cm Long Tom

Tim 168cm Wahoo

Bunny 83cm Blue Fin Tuna

Bunny 50.5cm Grass Sweetlip

Bunny 72cm Slatey Bream

Bunny 108cmcm Estuary Cod

Ollie 74cm Red Emperor

Jezza 84cm Rankin Cod

Ollie 106cm Broad Bar Mack

Milsey 77cm Bar Cheek Trout

Matt Miller 81cm Salmon

Kirky79 55cm Coronation Trout

Fish 06 38cm Fox Fish

Messiah 12.7cm Marron

Fisho-ron 82cm Amberjack









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