Furuno 585 for trolling

If using a 585 for trolling for macks etc at 4-8knts, should you be able to pick up schools of spanish macks, tuna etc in about 20-30m, and would they look like this pic? (from a youtube vid)


also, when pulling pushers slightly faster, can you see decent fish if they swim up to the lures etc?


cheers for any help

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 Hey quabbaI can certainly

Sun, 2012-10-21 09:16

 Hey quabba

I can certainly see the fish if they pass underneath the boat when trolling and can often tell the deckies to get ready on the rods when I mark fish. Same goes for billies when I mark bait on the bottom or elsewhere in the water column I can tell if there are big fish on them using the 585. You won't see the fish though where your lures are. Unless you have side imaging you can pass a school and not know and then get a hookup out of the blue.

i love my 585




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as said above, your sounder

Sun, 2012-10-21 12:36

as said above, your sounder looks straight down so unless your lure is hanging under the boat it will be miles from where your sounder pic is.

Remember also that a sounder isnt like a camera, it fires a pulse which rebounds in various strengths or variations which are interperated.

Take an extreme example-lets say you were anchored over a lump. The boat is not moving, rolling or rising on a swell. Your sounder will show a flat bottom with no variation, unless a fish swims under, or you move the boat.


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