re Exmouth May 2017

Hi to one and all
Am travelling to Exmouth start of May 2017
Just wondering if anyone may have room for an extra fisho on there boat
Alas don't have a boat as have camper trailer
Will be staying at Big 4 caravan park 14 nights from 1st may 2017 to 14th may 2017

Would dearly love to be able to fish from a boat if anyone is good enough to offer
have experience on boats and I guess a dream of mine to go out maybe get a Mack of any sort
I will be landbased for the whole trip,have travelled to Exmouth twice before and have had a ball
at beach accesses and up at the wreck,obviousley will pay my way and help clean up boat after
just thought it would be worth asking ,last time I was there I was let down after an offer but thems the breaks
I guess
So if anyone local or will be there on fishing trip I am available
Don't sound keen do I lol
heres hoping