Rods/Reels for sale

Hi guys 

Offloading some equipment I don't really use anymore. Can drop off or meet anywhere Perth Metro. Based in Port Kennedy. Can do pictures on request


Combo 1 - Torium 30HG/Penn Prevail (previous model, red one) 1202XH OH (12 ft 15-24kg) 

Reel 9/10 Condition only some minor scuff marks from being transported in the car. Loaded with 10m backing, 300m of 50lb J braid and then topped up with 15kg mono topshot for surf fishing. Can cast further on this than any spin setup if you get the cast weight dialled in. Comes with Box and papers

Rod 7/10 Condition bit of scuff marks and general wear & tear around the guide rings etc. 



Combo 2 - Torium 20HG/Sensor Surf (old model. red colour) 1002MFB (10 ft 12-20lb) 

Reel 9.5/10 Condition. Loaded with 30lb braid 300m (unsure of type) and topped up with 10kg mono. Used for a handfull of casts. Thought I would do a lot more river mulloway fishing than I ended up doing. Comes with box and papers

Rod 7/10 Condition - Not sure how its got scuffs as I never use it but its got scuffs. Reel seat and butt in good condition. 



Rod 1 - Saltist Coastal SAC802H (8 ft 6-10kg) 

8/10 Condition - Only ever really had a few casts with it and it was backup on trips. Good little tailor or salmon rod.



Rod 2 - Oceans Legacy Dreamcast Spin S922 (9'2" Pe1.5-2.5)

9/10 Condition. Used for one trip in quobba and found it too light for the type of fishing I do. Comes with rod bag