627 + 1kw is it possible

 Gday crew,


I'm looking at taking the inlaws boat north in May.


I want to replace their shitty old garmin sounder with the 587/588 plus 1kw tranny TM260.


I'm wondering if i can buy the TM 260 and run my head unit FCV627 on that?


I'll upgrade their head unit to the 588 later but for now i was hoping to be a tight arse and not spend the funds.


I've been google searching and most say you can run a 1kw tranny through a 600w head unit but i just wanted opinions here especially if guys are doing or have done and what results they were getting?





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Wed, 2017-03-01 22:01

Yes you can. Wont get the extra power but you will get more detail as the transducer is far more sensitive

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What Tim said

Thu, 2017-03-02 05:28

 What Tim said...the bigger head will receive return echos better, but you wont send the pulses with any additional power (only 600W).

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 Talk to rhys from Taylor's

Thu, 2017-03-02 08:41

 Talk to rhys from Taylor's you may be able to get a matching box to run the transducer. I know guys use the 585/588 with a matching box and can run 2kw 50khz and 2kw 200khz tranies. Yes the head unit only puts out 1kw but I was told the matching box dose the rest


Any one free to help me pull my drum lines tomorrow? 

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Matching Box

Thu, 2017-03-02 16:20

Matching box wont help in this regard.
they are used to connect non diplexed commercial transducers to a head unit like the 628 or 588.
You could use these on one of these units but considering you are trying to do this with a budget I would theink the TM260 would be your most efficient option.

If money isn't an option you could try and fit a 2kw 50 kHz to the boat on a custom bracket. The bracket and matching box without transducer will cost you more than the TM260 though.

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 Thanks for your help fellas,

Thu, 2017-03-02 20:17

 Thanks for your help fellas, I'll give Rhys a call anyway and discuss.


Now i best get cracking and order the TM 260

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 I've got a m260 if you're

Thu, 2017-03-02 21:50

 I've got a m260 if you're interested. Been sitting in my cupboard for a while now and no plans on using it soon. 


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