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 Hi guys 

Thinking of going for a fish tomorrow morning/day as I have a well earned RDO just looking for some general ideas of where to fish I have fished most of the metro beaches but wanted to try somewhere abut different I'm NOR near Mullaloo and don't mind going for a drive a couple of hours to get to the right spot was thinking about wedge island Ihave never been there and heard you can get into some good fish but I will be land based and don't own a 4x4 so don't know if this will hinder me. Any other places areas within a 2 hour radius would be much appreciated 


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 You'll get into wedge

Mon, 2013-07-01 09:34

 You'll get into wedge without a 4bie, just won't be able to drive around on the beach (obviously). Decent fishing up there, usually get good whitting, tailor, skippy, dart etc of the beach without too much work.


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Yep wedge good, limited where

Mon, 2013-07-01 13:02

Yep wedge good, limited where you can without 4wd. In your case drive on the beach and head to the island. Fish the northern "spit" there is a good little bay there tailer, herring, whiting galore just a bit of burley and fish oil in the water would get them interested. Work that area and you will do well. If you had a fourby, then head to south rocks which is about a km east of the island.

Good luck.

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Wedge not so good ATM.

Mon, 2013-07-01 18:22

 A mate of mine who has a shack at Wedge has just come back from the weekend up there. He said there is virtually no beach at the moment due to heavy swell eroding  it away. Drop off down to the beach very steep and even 4wd struggling. When conditions are right great spot though.