best outrigger base placement on hard cab- help please

 Hey all


The boat Im currently building is getting close to being ready so now its down to the smaller parts of the fit out that I haven’t already planned (OCD a bit so theres not much!)

Im still not sure where the best place to mount the henderson outrigger bases I have (also pictured)- on the side of cab or top of the cab? And in each location, what is the best direction/ angle to mount them? Keeping in mind the bar work thats already there etc 

I have some decent two peice outrigger poles and rigging gear so wouldnt be travelling with them installed much/ if at all 

Im aware that the type of base limits options a little, but these things only get used a few times a year in reality so wasn’t too keen on $1.5K+ for a decent set of telescopic type bases

Attached are a couple of pics of the layout for reference

Any input from game fishing gurus would be awesome and appreciated- PMs welcome!



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Sat, 2021-11-27 17:48

I would be mounting them in the middle of the upright section about 6-8" below where it meets the top.

Angle will depend on how you plan to set it up - tag lines etc but those splines give you a fair bit of adjustment.

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 Yep on side and as high as

Sun, 2021-11-28 07:11

 Yep on side and as high as you can.

There is a video out there by Peter Pakula explaining outrigger location that is worth watching, google it.

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On my old boat (7.5m Preston

Sun, 2021-11-28 14:18

On my old boat (7.5m Preston Craft) I had mine high on the rear section as mentioned and mounted them with the 2 mounting holes at the top. This resulted in a flat outrigger set up which is what I wanted for trolling baits as the rigger tips are closer to the water, this was also fine for trolling lures, but if required I'd raise them by rotating the outrigger to the aft a few splines on the base but this will narrow your overall reach a bit but works well. I used this set up for a long time and only 'updated' to wishbones once I fished in Exmouth more regularly (Bigger lures, more lift, easy to deploy when the weather is shit). I still kept the splined units on though as you dont set up a boat wholly for 2 weeks a year!