Big dhuies in close

Got up at sparrows this morning to chase some snapper well inside FFB, anchored a little too close to the reef as it turns out and, as I was chasing snapper had rigged all rods with light mono as you get far less tangles than braid particularly when fishing several rods in the dark. First fish was a huge port Jackson but then the snapper turned it on, I know they were snapper as twice I managed to get then close enough to the boat to see them in the torch light....WRONG! Bloody things went ballistic, one went around the berley bucket and broke me off, the next around the prop same result, then hooked what I called for a big ray on the lightest gear I had, coaxing it to the the boat I looked down to see a huge flash of purple and silver before it dived back down, at least a metre long it was a huge dhuie, re rigging I dropped half a fresh pike down the burley trail only to hook up again....this one was played to a standstill ...another dhuie, 70cm,  all out of 17 metres of water and all before dawn.  Snapper turned off the moment the sun poked its head over the island.  Sambos and salmon then became a nuisance do I pulled the pick and headed in.  For a supposedly crappy solunar day I had an absolute ball....will anchor fUrther from the reef next time and might upsize the mono to 15kg 

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 How good is that

Thu, 2017-04-20 19:21

 How good is that

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I remember a fellow in the

Thu, 2017-04-20 21:23

I remember a fellow in the northern suburbs years ago , got a big big dhu in 5 metres of water just out from the ramp waiting for easterly to go down ,

and theres enough captures up at greenough and flatrocks, in less than 5 metres , to make them a target fish from the shore.

Thats fishing mate , just when you think you got a handle on it , it surprises you.

( seen dhuies come in boat in well  over 100m , so there you go.)




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Nice Work

Fri, 2017-04-21 08:14

Sounds like a very fun session.

 I fish north of the river in my kayak a lot and one area I fish I regularly get good dhuies in less than 7 mts water. Last trip I got 4 in 2 days on pastics including 2 in 5 minutes. Smallest landed was 62 cm and thebiggest was 82 cm.