Blackwall Reach

 Hi just wondering if anyone has had some decent catches from blackwall Reach! i have just started fishing again after a fifteen year break,have another hobby which takes all my spare time but am sick of buying imported fish from my supermarket,i know i can get local stuff but that would mean a 20 km drive which is to far just to buy some fish for a feed.

I have tried Blackwall Reach after having read all the good reports on it  but after 3 attempts getting there just on sunrise all i ever catch are blowies, baby snapper baby flounder  am using prawns and squid for bait but as yet not one decent fish, so giving up on that spot.

Has anyone found a decent place to fish where i could get a decent feed,love whiting, flathead,most fish..


                                    Thanks for looking Raoul

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Straight away I'd advise not

Wed, 2015-12-30 05:20

Straight away I'd advise not to bother with bait that far downriver. I've always found using bait that close to Fremantle tends to just attract the hords of blowfish. You might be better off trying small lures on some flats around East Freo or the Point Walter sandspit for whiting or slightly bigger lures for flathead. They should be there. I'm not much of an expert on what lures to use but lots of people on here are so hopefully they can point you in the right direction. I've found bait fishing is more worthwhile after dark as the blowies tend to slow down once the sun sets

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Traditional style jigheads for flattys / flounders

Wed, 2015-12-30 11:01

 The ones with buckstail, Pt. Walter spit as mentioned above and don't stand still, cast up and down. Basically work as much of the spit as you can. Baits will get you maybe some trumpeter whiting if you can get through the blowies, but its hard to not get pissed off quickly. Bring a metal slice too, incase there are a few tailor around. Mulies on gangs slow retrieved works good too, although morning is generally slower biting i find. 

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 I have caught a massive

Tue, 2016-01-05 12:55

 I have caught a massive flathead in a crab net using red meat down there really close to the cliffs.


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