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Fishing Report Friday 4th of August 2017

This winter’s fishing continues to be excellent. Plague proportions of herring, horse tailor, plenty of squid and fantastic numbers of land based snapper. Much of what we have talked about locally over the last few reports continue to apply week after week and the staff here are loving it. When we are getting out and getting amongst it along with the other lucky ones we have been having a ball. Perhaps not as much this week as we have been prepping for our four-day Storewide Sale, but its been great nevertheless.  

Myaree Customer Arnel with a cracking land based pink

Reports of amazing snapper catches from most rock platforms in the metro area have flooded in this past week. These have occurred during and immediately after strong blows which is typical for this time of year, however the numbers of snapper being caught is sensational.

Boat fishing has also been productive in close with small to medium yellowtail kingfish being caught in close and large pink snapper behind the Five Fathom Bank and around Carnac and Garden Island. No doubt it will be a similar situation the entire length of the Three Mile Reef. The sheer amount of dhufish being caught as snapper bycatch is also worth a mention. Plenty of small fish have been caught and released, some going just size and then every now and then someone lands a monster.

There is some excellent squidding to be had in the Warnbro Sound when the wind drops off and Parmelia Bank in Cockburn has also been red hot. If it’s too rough to head out or you don’t feel like dealing with the elements from the South Mole then try fishing the Swan river for squid. The size of the bait in the river is generally smaller so it would be wise to use a smaller squid jig. Size 2.5 is as big a jig you need to use. The weed banks and jetties in the Bicton  and Claremont stretches are both good starting points. Those who are land-based and have been on the hunt for the squid, have done well in the clearer water inside the harbors. Myaree staff member Pete who is one of our resident egi experts had a quick but productive session this week. His report is as follows.

“Unless you are one of them madmen chasing snapper from the stones, you are probably like me and a man going mad stuck between walls hiding from this weather we've been having of late.

Well today the grey of the clouds parted and that forgotten ray of light known as the sun beamed vitamin D zapping away my depressive state with open arms.

In between morning Auskick and wifey booking me in 'quality family time in the fresh air' commitments, I squeezed in a few casts Freo way. 

Before my 2 loved ones got bored of uno games in the Prado boot, I got my long overdue dopamine hit driving my jigs deep into some cephas crowns.”

Staff member Pete with a great squid he got during the week


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Thanks again for a great report

Fri, 2017-08-04 20:15

That's a very good picture of the guy with the snapper if I caught pinkie like that of the stones I'd have a big gin also, well done.