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Fishing Report Friday 17th March 2017

Whats the ‘GOSS’ you ask? Salmon, salmon, and more salmon. Including metro salmon showing up from Rockingham to Freo, scouts from the main hoard are in town and feeding. Although they are not part of the main contingents literally consisting tonnes of fish and engulfing everything in their path like war machines, these fish are hungry, and worth a shot. These main schools are not far off and providing plenty of sport for Southern residents and the eager and impatient metropolis fishos who are venturing down. Reports from Dunsborough have been hot and for many it’s in reach for a daytrip or overnighter. The usual haunts such a Bunker Bay and Eagle Bay are a good place to start.



Max Sampson and Brodie Copeland with salmon caught off some southern stones



Evan Berlinski loves going fishing every Friday after school with Dad

The Canning + Bream = Firing. The tannin stained waters of the Canning have been getting hounded by chop created by the ‘average’ weather we have been having lately. This stirs things up in the shallows and gets the bream feeding and gives you the option to be part of the equation. Staff member Pete Berlinski who knows this all too well got stuck into the bream this past week and pulled a ‘brute’ out from the plague like schools of smaller fish. The father of two also took his son Evan out for a bream bash (disclaimer: no bream are actually bashed in the process) and using bony herring strips, Evan got stuck into 10 bream which he caught and released. Well done Evan!  On a bit of a side note flathead have been scarce this year likely due to our cold summer, however keen anglers have still managed to get into them around areas such as Deep Water Point, and Mosman Bay. Shallow diving minnows such as the Daiwa Tournament Spike have produced good size flatties with a slow roll and pause close to the bottom.


A chunky bream caught by Bluewater Myaree staff Pete Berlinski using 'Pumpkin Shad' ZipBait Khamsin. This new colour has been dominating in the tannin stained Canning river.

Snapper are all over the joint now with reefs like 5 Fathom, 3 Mile and Staggies all holding fish. Sometimes it’s worth forgetting a mulie as bait and instead using something much bigger such as half a blue mackerel or whole sanmar drifting down the berley trail. This can sometimes make all the difference and can also increase the average size of the snapper you catch. Landbased snapper have been caught off the Freo Moles and Hilarys this week and with the weekend weather that is approaching there is a good chance we will see more landed.


Newest Morley staff member Kelvin with a good snapper

In the few breaks in the weather, offshore has been fishing well. Joondalup staff member Trent headed out this past Sunday for a quick fish before the storms came in. He managed a mixed bag of dhufish, King George whiting and fox fish. A spot that for the past few months hasn’t fired due to dirty water has finally cleared up allowing the fish to feed properly which was a welcome change. Morley’s newest staff member Kelvin also got a cracking inshore ‘dhu’ this week.





                                                                                         Kelvin’s dhu

We have had a few reports of metro marlin these past couple of weeks. With people being fairly tight lipped about details, we have still managed to get some info. The Rottnest trench is the place to be, with bait and warm water sitting to the north of the Trench around the Hillary’s and Furuno FAD working the bait balls seems to be getting the results and with some good electronics you can see the fish in or around the bait schools.


The catches this week in ‘Metro’ have once again shown that the Spanish mackerel are still on the prowl. Not huge numbers showing up of late, but having a deep diving Laser Pro in 160 out the back whilst finding ground or moving to the next spot is always a great idea. Try trolling around the contour line drop offs and or around any temperature changes. Southern bluefin tuna out from Two Rocks in 30-40m mark continue to frequently show up and are always good fun on light gear. Amongst those the odd yellowfin to 10kg has also made an appearance. Even if there isn’t massive bird life in the sky make sure you’re constantly looking at your sounder for large schools of bait. The fads out from Rottnest this past week have seen the dolphinfish show up again, live herring and slimeys or 5inch plastics have been a popular choice. It’s also worth trolling around the fad with small skirts, the Richter Jelly Babe in colour 46/46 or any Bonze Bruiser are deadly.

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