For those that have paid for the premium Bouyweather is it worth it?

Is the info any better than the free sites?




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 I didnt renew my previous

Sun, 2018-10-07 08:28

 I didnt renew my previous premium subsription. I still have a look at Bouyweather but mainly use Fishranger and Meteye


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I go 50km off shore regularly

Sun, 2018-10-07 09:07

I go 50km off shore regularly and it, in combination with Meteye, is rarely too wrong. The wind direction is just about always correct and the wind strength is pretty good too. How much is your life worth? How much are your fishing buddies lives worth?

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Sun, 2018-10-07 09:24

 It's not about the money at all i'm more interested in it's accuracy.


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 Buoyweather worth every

Sun, 2018-10-07 09:37

 Buoyweather worth every cent 

as walloped said I find it very accurate and I use it along with meteye which is also spot on more than not 


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I was a long time user of Buoyweather

Sun, 2018-10-07 10:02

 When I was making my living from the ocean, I used it extensively, as did many other crayfishermen, as we were particularly interested in swell. But I haven't used it for a long time. I found fishranger pretty good, and supported them  with a financial contribution when they needed funding recently. 

However, my latest go to is I was put onto it by one of the wetliners up here, who has been using it ll year, and reckons it's  the best wind forecaster he has seen, and he's been doing this all his life. The layer that first opens up shows sea level winds, and you can go forward up to 9days, and get an hour by hour forecast of direction and strength, using arrows and colourshading. I was watching it in the week leading up to our recent Shark Bay trip, it kept changing, then settled on the day before we left, and the 4 day forecast was spot on. 

Now there is more than one app called Windy, and you need to get the right one. A mate has a different one, doesn't look nearly as good. get the one with the icon as shown in the sceenshot below if you want to do it on your phone, also available as a desktop site.



here is s sample screen shot of the weather at the moment. The real beauty of this for many users will be to bring them to an understanding of just low heat lows affect the wind on the water on the west coast. I see complaints all the time of how they have forecast an easterly, and you get a southerly and every one is .." useless bastards, can't they get it right by now, not worth the money they are paid, ..." etc. if I ever bother to comment on this, I'll point out how a mass of air only has to move a few miles to completely change the wind, and this mapping shows you just how it happens--and it's usually a lot more complex than you see on the tv weather map. And you can zoom right in too, picture just gets more and more detaailed.

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+1 from me for

Sun, 2018-10-07 13:02

It's been my go to weather forecaster for fishing for about a year now (thanks to the lads at 2Oceans in Busselton who had/have it on their big screen behind the counter).
You can pinpoint the area you intend to fish and it shows the expected/calculated conditions for that precise place.

That is, it can sometimes show vastly different forecasts for land, 2miles out, 10miles out or 30miles out. I like using the gust predictions to give me a proper respect of the likely conditions.
The desktop website gives better information and details than the mobile options. ( )

And I find I even use it to get a fairly good idea of possible weather in up to two weeks time, by watching/playing the larger scale models of the weather systems moving in the lower Southern Hemisphere.