Cheynes beach next weekend

Headding to cheynes beach with the wife next weekend (finally found someone to look after the kids)

Anyone know if any salmon are around?

Finally convinced the misses to come on a fishing trip and both of us have never caught a salmon be4 and she always complains that we never catch anything so I hope our luck changes and she gets the fishing bug!!!,

Any tips or areas we should be targeting? Should I be chucking out stick baits or using mulies? 


Gone Fishing

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was down there last friday

Tue, 2013-05-21 15:47

was down there last friday just for the day, quite afew squid worth bringing a squid jig.
no salmon caught nor seen but alot of bonito caught early morning and afew popping up during the day.
bait seemed to be the go to but afew were caught on metal slices aswell.