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 Not really a holiday as I live here.

Just finished my weekend of fishing jaunts down the road from my farm, 

With the cool weather set in I drove down to one of my shorebased spots for a lure only assault of my stones.

Wind was up and the water was dirty ...... Not ideal as I like it clean and clear, but to my surprise it turned it on...

As the tide was dropping big Queenfish and Barracuda were smashing my lures and with the bung arm was having a hard time landing fish on the rocks...... dropped everyone of them.

Dead low tide and the shallow flats went nuts with tiny bait fish getting smashed by small footlong trevs and little Skinnys,

Redeemed myself today ( Sunday ) managed to get  a good skinny up on the rocks...

So at home making numas now... enjoy the pics 

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Nice pics Syd

Sun, 2015-05-17 15:15

 Gotta love Darwin...I lived there for 3 years and loved every minute

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Was there a few weeks ago and

Mon, 2015-05-18 10:03

Was there a few weeks ago and just want to go back!!

- bloody cold down here too which is not helping.....


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