Hi, am new to the forum and also a southerner but pls dont hold it against me. 

Heve a road trip planned for early november and will be driving from perth to Broome with a mate who is moving up there for work. We thought we would try and make the most of it and try and wet a line on the way. We are both pretty keen fishos and have decided to stop up at exmouth for a few days and am just trying to get some info on the place. Thinking that we will try and camp at pilgramunna as have heard the fishing can be quite good there and camp ground is only a short walk to the beach (means we can fish at night also)

Anyway was just wondering if anybody had any tips on the area like fishing gear needed, lures, bait, best times to fish or anything at all that may be helpfull. Have done a fair bit of fishing up in the Northern Territory and am assuming the fishing is similar.

Anyway hope to hear from some of you, Cheers.

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Pilgs Options

Fri, 2011-10-07 16:48

Hey Mate, Pilgs is a pretty good spot for throwing a lure.  The beach/launch area itself has nice rocky areas either side.  Try Poppers/gold twisties/SP's for Trevs, Queenies, Red Throat.  Quite a few nice size Blue Bone frequent that area on high tide too.  Gulp Blue Crabs will do some damage with them.  Further south along the beach is Sandy Cape.  Only shore based fishing in this area, but same again with the species and lures.

If all else fails, you'll prob catch a few ticks.  They'll be loving the warmer weather now, so watch out for them.


All the best!




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Cheers Wazza, what about bait

Sat, 2011-10-08 14:20

Cheers Wazza, what about bait fishing? Should you fish on the bottom or suspend the baits under floats/foam. Can you get livies around there? We have a cast net and how do they go as bait. Also how is the fishing at night? Sharks I assume but realy all unknown for us. Have searched through old threads and can't seem to find a lot of advice just that the fishing is really good. One last thing, what weight line would you suggest? Have 4 combos from a 2500 to a 6000. Not sure weather I should stick to 30lb for the 6000 or bump it up to 50lb. Cheers again and if there is anyone else out there that can shed some light or give any suggestions would really appreciate it, for anyone that travels down south for a fish I will be more than happy to help out, the snapper are about to go off down here.

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 I beleive you also get

Sun, 2011-10-09 08:25

 I beleive you also get spango's there aswell


 Subway cookie is the best burley

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livies good option !

Sun, 2011-10-09 10:52

cast net is worthy for sure ,am tipping u will see the odd shark using livies... squid ,occy,crabs are my prefered bait but , i had always used 30lb up there from shore changed 2 50lb this yr not a bad option if you want 2 get them bigger ones around the reefs etc ... i fish a good size circle hook on half metre 80lb leader with running sinker straight above hook seems 2 work alright for me ,although did get my better fish this yr on smaller 15lb outfit but when it gets dark out with the big gear ... always keen 2 hunt a snapper if u ever need deckhand am down margarets way....

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Cheers for that bazz will

Fri, 2011-10-14 09:01

Cheers for that bazz will make sure we pack the cast net and hopefully get a bit of livey action. And when i meant south i meant way south like Melbourne lol, but if you do ever venture down will be more than happy to take you out for some snapper and whiting, am always looking for someone to go out with as am not too keen on going myself and my usual fishing buddy (the one i can count on no matter what) is moving to broome, hence the trip up.

Am starting to stock up on lures for the trip, poppers, twisties, sp's and xraps etc and am wondering if anybody has colour sugestions. I know it is the milliond dollar question and one day the fish love something fluro and the next day they wont touch it, but some places do have certain colours that are more consistent so wondering what are the best colours for pilgs and around Exmouth.

Cheers, Matty.