exmouth live baiting ?

morning guys and gals ,

has anyone out there livebaited largish baits off the beach/rocks in exmouth ? - was thinking around tressel rd - i thought a small threadfin would look nice out the back of the reef but not sure what i would catch .. GT ? shark ?? any thoughts would be good . using a stella 20k with a tcurve gt rod. any other areas accessable by a 2 wheel drive anyone could suggest ?

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worth a shot

Tue, 2008-04-29 11:45

Haven't done much myself, but smaller livies around trisel - 5 mile will work for queenies on the lead up to high.  From Murat wreck around to Oysters (south to gulf) will be worth a shot, spanglies - tuna - queenies - trevs - sharks etc.  Probably worth giving it a go in any of the spots around lighthouse bay.  I wouldn't go big livies, just small stuff 3-8cm range, otherwise it will more than likely be black tip heaven.


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