FADS report

headed out to a couple of the fads on monday, finally great to see the water temp has finally come up. Club marine fad had a couple of large dolphin fish round it but turned there noses to our offerings, so it was decided that freo sailing club was next on the horizon. This turned out to be a desert with no birds working and no dollies in sight, so it was another cruise to the Yamaha fad which looked the goods on arrival plenty of birds working and dollies free jumping.So out came the soft plastics 1 got one hit but no hookup after watching the dollies follow the plastics but not jump on them was pretty fustraiting.So never less we decided a change of tactics was needed out went the trolling lures and we trolled for a while round the fad but had no hookups, it seemed weird the dolphin fish were free jumping and crashing bait schools but weren't interested in our assortment of lures, fish here were plentiful but still only in the 3-4 kilo class.
2006 fads season is here, do yourself the favour and take advantage of Perth's sportfishing hopefully the next trip will be more fruitful cheers bolts.

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Wed, 2006-03-01 08:56

So much for it being a secret. :0 Hehehe..

Bit of bad luck on not getting into any.. Especially when Steve P said they landed 15, now thats gotta suck.


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thought i let the cat out of

Wed, 2006-03-01 16:33

thought i let the cat out of the bag....hehehehe