Few fish from recently

 Plenty of fish recently, Kings, Mulloway, Sharks, Pinkies and all other sorts. Here's a couple pics. 

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Smashing it

Tue, 2018-01-23 21:07

Some awesome catches there mate. Well done  

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 Nice work Max, Is that

Tue, 2018-01-23 21:10

 Nice work Max, Is that Michael Parker with you in the river?


Love the West!

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I've got to say

Tue, 2018-01-23 21:12

The tigers present as a great looking shark.

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 Some truly incredible fish

Tue, 2018-01-23 21:16

 Some truly incredible fish there mate

Truly well done

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 looks like you have been

Tue, 2018-01-23 21:26

 looks like you have been having some fun. a few nice sharks there . well done


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Cheers guys

Tue, 2018-01-23 21:32

yes sea kem, a majority of my fishing is with him. We hooked about 15 or Herring that day. 

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Good catches

Tue, 2018-01-23 21:41

Some great catches there, and plenty of variety. Loving the YTK's in the dinghy, good fun!




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Great catches and even better

Wed, 2018-01-24 06:25

Great catches and even better pics mate

Jee I wish we had access to the same technology when I was a kid

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top work mate

Wed, 2018-01-24 07:58

 that baldie is a lunker! whats the story behind the mulla? swan? lure?

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 hi there im new to fishing,

Wed, 2018-01-24 08:21

 hi there im new to fishing, are you sponsored?


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 Doing well mate, good

Wed, 2018-01-24 09:55

 Doing well mate, good variety of fishing styles & catches

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awesome fish man!

Wed, 2018-01-24 14:27

awesome fish man!

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 Mulla was from the murchison

Wed, 2018-01-24 16:21

 Mulla was from the murchison in Klabarri, after getting soapies on the heavy gear and live baits i went back and got my bream/trout gear and a bag of motor oil slim swimz and jig heads. would have been fun on the smaller 30-45cm ones, first cast back at the same spot hooked up on the light gear, fight went on for at least half an hour and came close to losing it many times. fish finally tired and a mate was able to gaff it, fish was exhausted from the fight so kept it for a feed. theres a short little article about that fish in the next issue of western angler. cheers

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 Nice work young fella

Sat, 2018-01-27 12:48

 Nice work young fella




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Sat, 2018-01-27 14:01

Nice fish Max.....

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 Love those GH!!! Swan?

Sun, 2018-01-28 20:12

 Love those GH!!! Swan?


 young fisho

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yeah in the swan chumstain

Wed, 2018-01-31 20:50

 Was a funny season for them because of the random cold days that would make them shut down. Swan has awesome fishing just need to know where to look, we have landed much bigger ones than those in the pics.