Finally got out!

 It's been ages since being able to get out for a fish. But yesterday the weather held up nicely and we got amongst a few fish. Nothing huge but a good feed. 

We got out to 42 m and there were a few shows on the sounder, so set an exploratory drift. My brother in law has decided to get on board jigging for demersals and bought a new slow jigging rod and a handful of jigs. So today was the day to try it out. Anyway I go to the front of the boat and Doug sets himself down the back with his new rod but he still chucks out his bait rod. I hooked up pretty quickly but dropped it. Then Dougs bait rod takes off and he's onto something with a bit of pull. Then his jig rod doubles over, so what to do, quickly wind mine up and get stuck into what's on his new set up. It turned out Doug got a dirty big Sambo and me this nice Pinky 

Had a good laugh about that all day. He didn't have to wait long though as the fish were on the chew especially on the artificials. Doug got this nice little Dhu on the jig.

All in all was a great day on the water, a few nice feeds and plenty of laughs. Hopefully not this long to wait till our next trip  



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 well done. always good when

Thu, 2018-09-20 14:36

 well done. always good when a plan comes together. nothing wrong with any of these fish. few nice feeds on the way


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So does this now convert you to jigs?

Thu, 2018-09-20 17:06

 That jig in the pic is a bcf half squid half fish jig. A few weeks back they were clearing old stock of them, and they were $5 each! Fully rigged with the assist hooks and all. 

I did some slow pitch jigging recently, using exactly the same jig, and got a 74cm dhu before it had even hit the bottom. Goes to show you don’t have to spend massive amounts on jigs if you are in the right spot and with the fish on the chew. 

If you had such good success jigging, next time you get out, try and make it a bait free trip. The biggest error people constantly make when starting out jigging is they give up on it too quick in the day, and switch to bait. If you make it a bait free trip and jigs only, then you tend to be even more focussed and have even more success than normal. 


Well done on in the fish btw, some nice feeds coming up for sure 




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Hey Scano

Thu, 2018-09-20 17:36

I'm already on the jig bandwagon. I think Doug is to now. Haha.

Yeah that squish jig from BCF caught the Pinky, Dhu & a Sambo. After the Sambo though he put it away as he didn't want to lose it. Haha. 

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 Nice work Kirky and

Thu, 2018-09-20 17:24

 Nice work Kirky and crew! 

Top that off with an Eagles win and we'll be sweet.


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Thu, 2018-09-20 17:40