Fishing In Japan

 Yes I am in Japan having a fish.

Done the tackle shop thing as well as smashing all the food and beer. 

I planned  some shore fishing  over here but there has been a lot of rain and wind so had to cancel my landbased  plans .

However I did manage to get out on a boat called the Yamashomaru based in Ohara Port in Isumi City Chiba Prefecture. .... you can catch a train quite  easily to this place and you dont look like a crazy with your fishing rods and tackle bags on board. 

The captain  Toru Yamaguchi  is famous in japan for Hiramasa ( yellow tail kings ) and has a history of boating some donkey fish.

He can also supply small guest house too which has a kitchen .... surfing is pretty big here too so you can go get some waves.

Great little tackle shop so I'm told but was closed on the day I was there... Apparently a lot of the hand made lure stuff... spewing.

The boat is big and we had about 22 punters on board and we all fish at the same time.... no bait only jigs,soft plastics,  and pencils. ... and belive it or not minimal tangles I was involved in one for the whole day.

Main difference was the Japanese cast their jigs out about  30/ 40m inabout 27 to 35m deep water  then jig back in fast style short stroke, and the rods about  7 foot long and reels were in the Saltiga 4500 size and up to 14000 stella was used with pe 3 line class and leaders of 40 to 60 lbs

Jigs about 150/ 200g and long.... the current  really  pumps here.

Note there is no overhand casting it's all underhand so you're not hooking anyone in the back of the head  so get some practice in cause it ain't  easy when you are shoulder to shoulder trying to get some distance  to keep your jig in the water longer. 

The majority are small in tue 60 to 90cm mark on my day with the sounder  showing the presence of larger fish, 

A fair few fish were released  some so fast that photos  were hard to get    

But I had a good time and even as the only tourist on board they welcomed  me as one of them. ... language  the world over. 

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Nice one

Thu, 2016-06-23 07:52

 mate, looks like a tough day on my the water!

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Thu, 2016-06-23 08:00


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excellent pics / report as

Thu, 2016-06-23 10:58

excellent pics / report as always.

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Love your work

Thu, 2016-06-23 14:30

And Pics, Japan, been lucky enough to go twice with work, the place is mind blowing and never get sick of looking at the beautiful Japanese women in Ginza. Went fishing on a boat out of Ito but unfortunately the weather was ordinary with alot of water movement.

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Looks like a good trip

Thu, 2016-06-23 14:37

 Bet you hit the fishing stores


all aggressive fish love bigjohnsjigs

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Awesome mate; I was over

Thu, 2016-06-23 15:44

Awesome mate; I was over there last year and fell in love with the place. My one regret was not getting out to wet a line but we covered too much ground for it to happen... got to Johshuya as per your previous post, also made it to 1BAN in Osaka which was pretty cool to see the mix of gear they have.  I was surprised how different some things were - floats, sinkers, burley cages - some of the basics had the wildest variety of options; the lures were sweet.

Cheers for all the pics, it's cool to relive the trip a bit!

Have you hit Tsukiji yet? I didn't bother with the market, you've got to get there too early and with no guarantee of getting in I gave it a miss; but the whole area is pretty cool.  Also you only in Tokyo or heading south?

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Lucky bugger!   I like .

Thu, 2016-06-23 18:35

Lucky bugger!   I like .

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 Been too much rain for me to

Thu, 2016-06-23 19:25

 Been too much rain for me to landbase so just chilling and eating