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 Hey Everybody,

Im going to Rottnest for 4 days during middle of October. Im wondering if yo could please tell me where the best fishing spots are all over the island. Me and my mates will mainly be targeting herring, whiting, skippy, cobbler and garfish. Help will be greatly appreciated. We have bikes so we can get to any spots.



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Awesome land based spot.

Sun, 2019-09-22 13:31

 Ok the island is excellent for all the bread and butter fish a bit of burley and fish dawn and dusk. Anywhere there's some white water will probably have taylor and herring. The natural Jerry is a good spot for small poppers and metals.  I forget the name of the wreck as you ride south from Thomson bay but it's on the bike track you can't miss it. I've caught all sorts there when the seabreaze isn't pumping. Squid too! Goodluck and keep moving around.

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Mon, 2019-09-23 13:04

Make slow release Burley bombs,first day find a nice easy spot to get to and go back to that spot same time each day .(Herring love bread burley bombs,Bread,laying pellets,oil bit of water so when you freeze it holds together and 2xcans of cat food (sardine) mixed up and freeze in long cylinda,
I use 4x old pool chlorine tablet container with a plastic bag liner green ones from woolys veg dept they pull out of container easy after frozen.
They will find the food.
Natural Jetty,ammo Jetty( if its re opened)near Barracks are close to main part of the Island,depends on where you are staying most bays have herring .
Fish hook bay if your up for a ride .


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Mon, 2019-09-23 20:46

 thanks guys the help is really appreciated.