Garmin waypoints to Lowrance HDS any help

Hey guys have been given access to a mates waypoints that are stored on a Garmin handheld. Many years of diving and fishing. there are several hundred and I would like/ prefer to transfer them to a format that the Lowrance in my boat can deal with rather than spending countless hours entering them in one by one.

I have looked through the many posts that cover conversions but cant find anything that will confidently work. Has anyone on here done similar or had success with the various aftermarket programmes. Seems plenty of reccomendations on what may work and I am happy to consider these but would prefer if someone has first hand experience doing the garmin to lowrance conversions.

Appreciate any help !


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I Did the opposite

Thu, 2016-06-16 21:42

 I Did the opposite,Lowrance to Garmin using EasyGps and Garmin Home Port both free downloads,worked no probs

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Done the same Garmin to Lowrance

Mon, 2016-06-20 08:21

 As Taffy said just use EasyGPS. As long as you have a data cabe to connect your handheld GPS to your PC you will be fine.