GME G.COM 27 Meg hertz radio

 looks pretty new came off a boat i bought  no aerial  $50  cheers Dave 0488 429 918

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Mon, 2022-06-27 18:10

 Sadly pretty well worthless now that they will be banned shortly and only VHF allowed under the new rules.

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Not banned

Tue, 2022-06-28 14:08

Just not acceptable as minimum equipment. 




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 when are these new rules

Wed, 2022-06-29 08:56


when are these new rules coming out and does that mean everyone will need a license to log on/log off?

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No date set yet

Wed, 2022-06-29 09:36

 There is no date set for the new safety rules, althought I expect it will be within the next 12 months.

Technically you already need a licence to use a VHF but the requirement is not currenly enforced for recreational users.




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 so if i'm in the market for

Wed, 2022-06-29 10:41


so if i'm in the market for a new radio i should get a VHF, and just use it to log on/off with or without a license even although i should really have a license.

have to organise an rst soon, will ask the instructor what he thinks.

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Wed, 2022-06-29 11:20

 The vast majority of recreational boats these days use VHF.  Currently the requirements for offshore boating are either a 27MHz or VHF but the new legislation will stipulate VHF only.

From a practical point of view VHF is vastly better anyway.




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And the likely introduction of the Deckee app

Mon, 2022-06-27 19:40

 Unfortunately 27meg doesn't cut it unless you are close inshore

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 Curious-the "Deckee App",

Tue, 2022-06-28 19:23

 Curious-the "Deckee App", how does that affect VHF/27meg suitability?
I know 27 meg is about done as a safety tool (it never suited me) but it can still be used as boat to boat etc

The great advantage of using a radio to log on-is that you know it works BEFORE you actually need it to save your life



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Been running a trial of the app

Tue, 2022-06-28 21:16

 Allows log on and off by using the app on your phone and can even track the boats actual position at all times.  Seems highly likely this is the way we are headed ......similar to that in use in NSW 

And yes 27 Mhz great for boat to boat short range but little else 

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Coverage is a problem

Wed, 2022-06-29 05:40

I like the concept of the Deckee app but it has a major shortcoming - it only works if you have cell phone coverage.




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We were 14 mile off Mindarie

Wed, 2022-06-29 09:34

We were 14 mile off Mindarie on Sat and we had 3x phones with no reception. I only have the one album downloaded on Spotify and I am Lateralus'd out.

It'd be an issue in that I like to set a conservative log off time and will call back and extend the time if staying out longer rather than risk something happening and it being 4-6 hours before I am even deemed to be missing.

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 We still use 27 meg for boat

Tue, 2022-06-28 19:40

 We still use 27 meg for boat to boat at the Bird. Always do a radio check before setting off. I'd love to convert everyone over to VHF but a lot of those old boys won't spend the money on their old boats. 

Saying that we are always in contact with each other and shore base as well. 


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27Mh vs VHF

Wed, 2022-06-29 07:53


4 watts 


subject to interference

No licence required



25 watts (fixed mount models)  5 watts usually fir hand held


not prone to interference

Licence required... except in an emergency

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Wed, 2022-06-29 11:57